Who grows your food? We do!!

Hello We are the Schultz Family. Josh, Lynne, Sadie, Michael, Daniel, and Lilly. We are excited to grow your food for you! We started this adventure over 10 years ago when our oldest was just a baby. We never knew were this farming adventure would take us and the support we have in our community . Our passion on growing food for our community has grown over the years and now more than ever it commitment to make sure we provide our family, friends, and community members with safe, fresh, local, nutritious food for everyone that we serve.

“What is better than waking up each day and getting something that I love doing and getting to do with my family”

How Does our Farm Grow?

As farmers we look at our land and try to choose the best farming practice for the future of our farm because if we don’t take care of our land the next generation will not have a place to farm. On the farm we use many different types of farming methods in which we call sustainable growing practices that fit our farm needs. For our livestock we use a lot different methods on our farm including intensive grazing for our cattle, pasture raising for our poultry, the pigs get to enjoy leftover produce all season long and our feeders are finished on grain and hay that was grown on our farm. Our produce is grown as naturally as we can grow it. Well what does that mean. That means the use of no chemicals. We do use plastic mulch and straw to reduce the weeds so that we don’t have to spray. We do try to use as much as possible natural pest control or netting for insects but sometime there is no solution but to spray. But when we do spray we use organic sprays that are certified for organic farms. However our produce is not certified organic because we believe that organic is just a label and there is more to food than that. We believe the best way to know about your food is support local and know who is growing you food. Because in the end we are not just feeding our customers but we are feeding our family too. And when our kids eat out of the field all the time we have to make sure our food is safe to eat all the time.