How our Farm Share Works

pile of assorted varieties of vegetables

Simple and Easy to Fresh Local Food

With a few simple clicks your food will be from our farm to your door

6 Easy Steps

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Step 1

Each week an email will be sent out to each member with there current basket based on their preferences and what is in season.

Step 2

Once the email is received members can go in and change what they are getting in their basket based on what is available from the farm for the week.

Step 3

After members customize their shares we will then go pick, wash, and pack their basket.

Step 4

We then deliver the members basket to their drop off location or to their door.

Step 5

Members than take home their food and create wonderful meals.

Step 6

Members the eat and enjoyed their food from our farm.

Why You’ll Love Our Farm Share

There is never been a better time to eat local. Local means know where your food comes. When you support our farm you know your food is

  • Delicious
  • Fresh
  • Sustainable
  • Seasonal
  • Flavorful